Dear colleagues

We are pleased to invite you to the 2023 Retina Symposium as part of our educational series Oftacafé. In the field of medical retina, as well as in vitreoretinal surgery, the last years have produced a multitude of new possibilities in diagnostics and therapy. Indeed, the velocity of technical progress and the volume of scientific evidence are constantly on the rise. The main challenge for keeping ourselves up to date in our field has shifted from mere access to information to distinguishing relevant content from “noise” and to piece the multitude of individual evidence together to form a broader picture. 

In our view, direct exchange with leading experts in our field combined with personal discussion among peers can be an invaluable tool to meet the challenge of prioritizing content and refining our roadmap in day-to-day clinical decision-making. 

Our goal is to create a forum for this kind of exchange in a pleasant atmosphere overlooking Lake Lugano and to learn from nationally and internationally renowned experts. Join us and bring yourself up to date!

We look forward to meeting you at Oftacafé 2023 Retina Symposium in Lugano! Please feel free to inform other colleagues in your practice or clinic.

Paul B.Henrich

Sandrine Zweifel

Roberta Foglia

Keynote Speaker

K. Bailey Freund

International Panel (via Zoom)

Usha Chakravarthy
Anat Loewenstein
Marco Zarbin

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